We’re in this together.

Industrial Theatre is workplace communication using scripted theatre to convey a message.

Expectations are high. But whether the message lands or not depends on a number of things…

We use theatre for critical projects.

After dance, theatre is the quickest and most effective way to create community. It gets everything out into the open. It makes people laugh. It’s transparent and fast.

It’s about the attention economy.

Any performance operates within a context and competes for that scarce resource – people’s attention. If it’s not immediately arresting and worthy of sustained attention, if it’s not truthful, professional, brave, relevant – and funny– it’s just an expensive waste of time.

A mirror to the audience.

Crafting each performance to hold up a mirror to the audience takes time and care. It’s the details that provide the magic. They captivate an audience, who are intrigued to see their own stories – even their secrets – onstage. The audience gets invested in the dramatic journey, and waits to see where things go.

We dramatize the hyper-familiar, complete with gossip, insider jokes and comments on everyday work life. We make these situations compelling onstage, reveling in using your language and jargon, and enjoy showing characters discussing their work issues at home with their loved ones – in all the gory detail.

it feels so real!

The audience nod their heads and sometimes even speak out their affirmations – ‘That’s how it is, yes!’

It feels invigorating to put this onstage. In fact, it feels like a gift, to connect with new audiences. They like and respect us for it.

high stakes

We’ve got just one chance to nail it, which is why quality matters so much.

We keep you very close during the production process. You give us info and access, and you’re involved in the production from start to finish.

what’s news?

Reputation is the currency of the attention economy. It’s earned though recognition, which generates an opportunity to explore new ways of doing things. Only then can we introduce new ideas that give your organisation a competitive advantage.