An ambush is a short, interactive performance that travels around a plant or building, exploiting the element of surprise.

Performing in the workplace is a powerful act, with long-lasting effects. People laugh and smile and connect with each other. They’ve been part of something unusual, something they’ll remember.

Cost effective.

Sensitively designed for a work environment, our crew is closely supervised to reach as many people as possible. We’ve done up to a hundred gigs in multiple cities on single day for the same client – with crazy oversized custom-made props that immediately signify that this is a performance, that you’re invited to come a little closer and enjoy yourself.

Minimal disruption.

With an ambush, no-one needs to stop work or leave their desks. You don’t need to book the auditorium or the large boardroom either, and besides, performing never works in the coffee shop or canteen. You could put Daft Punk in there and people would still stare into their sandwiches – it’s where they eat.

Major coverage.

On a site visit we’ll plan when and where to perform. Then during the gig, our production manager scopes out areas of ‘high human density’ before we kick off. People from other floors and spaces can be discreetly summoned beforehand. And then, after ten minutes, we’re gone. But things have changed. The workplace has become a place of possibility.

Reaching the resistant.

We’re used to the occasional serious or grumpy person who is stressed out – our light touch validates their prerogatives. We have no right to tell anyone what to do. But it’s precisely these influential outliers who typically don’t participate, and whose personalities define the areas around them, that need reaching.

A living, breathing thing: it’s alive!

An ambush is dynamic, evolving and adapting to its environment, alert for humour and interaction. If someone’s phone rings, then someone’s phone is ringing – we’ll incorporate that. This is not a static, take-it-or-leave-it piece of communication. It’s compelling, unusual, against the norm. At last!