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Many valued clients over the past fifteen years have given us a unique perspective on the challenges of workplace learning and communication.

Since 2001, we’ve produced corporate and industrial theatre, ambush theatre, street theatre, film, radio inserts, publicity campaigns, comics, online interactions, live installations and entire conferences about fraud, diversity, change and restructuring, the customer, new legislation, values, work/life balance and a host of wellness issues, such as substance abuse, disease management and disability, in every workplace context known to humankind and extra-terrestrial life!

Here is a small selection of projects from late 2014 until now… (you can also download our TakeAwayTheatre&Training PROFILE 2016 )


Truly hilarious corporate theatre at their national conferences, we’re currently working with these good people again on the 100 year celebrations in 2016.


Ever played tennis without balls? It’s called Invisible Tennis and we played it in all the Open Plan spaces with Adidas employees during their Wellness Day. Why not actually have an experience of feeling well – by having fun? Interactive, surprising, invitational – transforming the workplace into a place of possibility


Our client of the year in 2015, we really enjoyed working on a nationwide roadshow where we performed for audiences and then asked them to change aspects of the show afterwards in a forum theatre session, creating very empowering shared knowledge on the various issues they were preoccupied with. And we filmed it. 


(You’ll need a password to watch it here – and the password’s biscuit.)

Imagine making a film from the time you get the call, including concepts, casting, scripting, sign-off, rehearsals, filming, editing, mastering and duplication 2500 copies in ten working days… on Affordability Regulations. That’s what we did.


This was a once-off live and highly specialised theatre performance at Head Office… and you know what people think of corporate values? They’d rather go out for a sandwich. It was such a killer show that we’re going back for more later this year – ‘Insh Allah.


When companies merge, like Momentum and Metropolitan did, there’s often a culture clash. Here, some people were great improvisors and thought on their feet, while others were brilliant and procedural planners. We told the audience’s truth for maximum laughter, catharsis and a catalyst for behaviour change.

Dept. Land Reform LAND ACT EXPO

This was a biggie – a massively detailed interactive performance featuring thirty (yes) performers who improvised with the public, nationwide, for ten days every twelve months, around the emotional issue of land, within the context of our polarized history. We employed therapists to work with our cast and debrief with them around the trauma they often experienced from members of the public, to whom we also provided this service. A total game changer. 

Dept. Social Development AMBUSH THEATRE 

Occupational Health and Safety? Sies. But what happens when people are running snackwich machines in their desk? And storing files in the ceiling? With plenty of scope for humour and interactivity, we did 45 shows across the Western Cape – in 20 days, helping achieve an official awareness and training mandate.  

Pick ‘n Pay  AMBUSH THEATRE at Excellence Day 2015

Do you believe in propaganda? Nope, nor do we. That’s why we always tell the audience’s truth, even if it’s an uncomfortable one. It’s the only way to win attention and respect, and pose new ways of doing things. 


We thoroughly overhauled and redesigned this two-day induction program back in 2012, and then co-facilitated the sessions for the first three quarters until the handover. Each year we do an audit. The program is a careful sequencing of presentations, activities and interactive tools that get people sharing a common purpose. The HR specialist responsible calls it ‘her highlight, the best thing about her job.’

Glacier by Sanlam BBBEE EVENT

We used Conrad Koch, social anthropologist and master ventriloquist. Not a shy person.


We developed a series of interactive theatre shows and short training sessions to educate staff about available support, and new legislation that could affect their livelihoods. taking these tricky subjects and getting people to laugh about them is our forte. We also did a cool interactive wellness workout with their managers in December 2015.

What else? Briefly…

Liquor Board (Western Cape)

COMMUNITY THEATRE Responsible Use of Alcohol – 55 shows in W. Cape

SCHOOLS SHOWS 2015 20 shows across the province

Nedgroup Investments  

INDUCTION PROGRAMME Design and ongoing facilitation, 2010-present

Old Mutual 



LIVE ‘BLUEPRINT’ GAMESHOW Leadership Conferences

INVISIBLE THEATRE & FILM Leadership Conferences

We’ve also been privileged to have worked with many other wonderful clients over the years, such as BoE Private Clients (now Nedbank Wealth), City of Tshwane,  Metropolitan, Nedbank Private Bank, Special Investigating Unit, National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), MTN and more. We like relationships!

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