HIV Workout

A single act of infidelity could change your life – an idea you may find hard to digest. So who is at risk? And why does South Africa have such a high burden of disease?

Mrs Condoms

Mrs Condoms ready for action

Everything you’ve wanted to know about HIV – especially as it applies to the workplace – but were too afraid to ask is dealt with in our acclaimed HIV Workout, a 3-hour hands-on session that equips delegates with the skills and knowledge to manage HIV in the workplace. The session is particularly effective for the unwilling and the uninspired – one of our most common responses from delagates is a request for more time.

Based on a dynamic learning menu composed of games, discussion, slides, roleplay, groupwork and debate, the HIV Workout also offers a comprehensive snapshot of your organisation’s Chronic Disease Management or Aids Policy. Designed by TakeAway founder Sean O’Connor, author of Positive People – Managing HIV and Aids in the Workplace (Maskew Miller Longman, 2003), the presentation style is down to earth, focussed, factual and fun, and covers the following:

  • transmission
  • prevalance
  • HIV replication and antiretrovirals
  • risk and concurrency
  • your own HIV/Disease Management policies
  • practical application – roleplaying incidents using forum theatre
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