Are you a passenger in life, just along for the ride? Or can you determine your destiny? What is your health destination?

FLIGHTPLAN is a unique intervention – a resonant and powerful learning experience that interrogates our fears, habits and hopes, building a new set of possibilities for our future as individuals and colleagues. FLIGHTPLAN combines live theatre, medical presentation, group learning processes, role-play, knowledge-sharing, testimony and other facilitated activities in a motivational journey – towards insight and responsibility for our health and wellbeing.

Asanda, Nik and Rhianna

Time for a Passion Transplant!

In a nutshell, everything happens on an aeroplane – which we create inside your workplace. We’ll take you on a journey, reminding you that life is too short and too precious to keep putting off. When you step off the ‘plane, you’ll have developed a simple plan to pay meaningful attention to the things you keep avoiding, and take some first steps towards improving the way you feel about your life, health and future.

With impeccable design and delivery, continual surprise and unexpected humour providing the flavour of the experience, we utilise the talents of top information designers, performers, musicians, therapists, medical professionals and healthcare experts, props makers, set designers and facilitators. Working together, we’ll guide you through a sequence of unique and attention-grabbing activities that will empower you to reflect positively on the journey of your life, from the very beginning towards our common and ultimate destination.

What are you waiting for? Have we forgotten to enjoy ourselves? Can we have fun, do something different and learn at the same time?

Workplace stress, anxiety and depression are on the increase. Substance abuse and alcohol problems, relationship issues, parenting skills, debt management, obesity and diet-related challenges can confound our performance, spreading dissent and confusion around us. The facts and origins of HIV bedevil our efforts to stem the tide of infection.

These are just some of the issues we’re dealing with – in consultation with you and your organisation – because FLIGHTPLAN carefully integrates with your organisation’s Wellness project, and the intervention is designed with the collaboration of your EAP or Wellness service provider, providing an accurate and compelling articulation of the support available.

What does a ticket cost?

The intervention is available in four categories: First Class, Business, Economy and Budget.

A detailed breakdown of the learning process, including a table charting differences within each price category, is available on request. Your investment will include:

  • All consultations, site-visits and planning
  • Media design, delivery and follow-through
  • Scripting and information design
  • Casting, contracting, rehearsals and limited client preview
  • Production design, sets and costumes
  • Sound, audiovisual and PA design
  • Performance/s

Optional extras include filming, photography and DVD production

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