TakeAWAY Theatre has been performing a range of unique interventions on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS – now correctly known as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, or FASD) since 2004, when we produced a short show called The FASSISTS for the Western Cape Department of Health, to educate hospital workers about the condition.

Much has happened since then.

Die Liefdeskind - poster by Conrad Botes

Fast forward to late 2009,when we registered a public benefit organisation (P.B.O.) called The TakeAway Trust with Section 18(A) status to make our work on FAS sustainable. Our mission is to raise univeral awareness of FAS in South Africa. We will shortly be launching our new website, www.takeawaytrust.org, and migrating all our FAS work there. But in the meantime, please keep on reading…

After our short show on FAS for the Department of Health in 2004 and 2005, we longed to create a powerful intervention on this topic that we could take to a diverse set of communities (FAS is often regarded as a ‘poor, brown’ problem: which is not helping many at-risk children.)

NGO’s working in rural and impoverished communities were approached, and we discovered that there was a dire need for such an intervention. After we aligned the show’s content, style and messaging to our partner NGO’s objectives, and developed a memorandum of agreement with them, we set about hunting for funding for a Pilot Project.

We were proud to secure primary funding from Distell, and thus set about searching for the right performers – an exhaustive and very rewarding process, becasue our cast – Mimi Mabona, Andiswa Makai and Joseph Martins – are a hyper-talented, multilingual threesome, who can educate, delight and interact with any type of audience.

Part of the FAS set

Part of the Thirst4Change set, a removable infosheet

After we visited some at-risk communities and experienced the blight of FAS at close quarters, and enjoyed a workshop on the topic from FARR (the Foundation for Alcohol Related Research – who came on board early in the process, and still mentor us), we started workshopping a 35-minute production that became known as Die Liefdeskind/The Lovechild.

Encompassing teenage pregnancy, HIV&AIDS as well as FAS, the show was performed to great acclaim.

We spent a portion of our budget filming the show, and produced a short promotional DVD, which gives a snapshot of the show, and captures feedback from some of our audience members. You can watch it here, and copies are available free of charge, should you be interested.

Discussions with various partners are underway to build on the success of four years of performance and almost three hundred shows. A new interactive production under Thirst4Change banner was piloted in 2009 – details will be posted on the new website when it goes live.

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