As we at TakeAway Theatre understand it, most diversity management training  seeks to exploit difference for the benefit of the organisation – harnessing divergent experience and perspective to make teams more dynamic, creative and efficient.

But we have problems with the concept of ‘diversity management….’  Is diversity something to be managed and contained? And, can we reasonably expect people to ‘be themselves’, exposing deeply-held thoughts and feelings which they may not even know they have, in a limited timeframe, with little or no post-intervention support, AND to do this in the work environment…? No wonder many such programmes fail, or at worst, cause more harm than good.

Chevron Texaco employees posing in front of their refinery

However, there are people we believe in, who do work in the fields of organisational development and transformation at a much deeper level. So, dispensing with soggy, pre-packaged conventional diversity fare, we work with our partners to support the transformation process by using the weapons of fun and laughter, teaching flexibility and collaboration, improvisation and thinking on your feet – essential skills for the changing world of work, and the kinds of skills that any diverse workplace needs.

Vibrant outcomes-based training sessions for the body, heart and mind, our sessions are sharp and punchy (3-4 hours max.), repeated once monthly as a process designed to encourage possibility in our lives – to say yes, instead of no, and see where that takes us.

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