Combining performance with facilitation and other media to create a new fusion of learning tools, these next-generation specials are unique creations, tailored to your specific learning objectives and outcomes.

With a decade-long pedigree in industrial theatre, we know what gets the juices flowing in the workplace, and with our range of talented and ready-to-go performers and our creative and professional networks, we are able to draw from a broad range of resources and experience.

Getting friendly with the Minister

Western Cape Health MEC Pierre Uys getting the treatment

Because we believe that learning happens best in moments of enjoyment, that is what we create: spaces of surprise and paradox, delight and opposition, where participants feel at the heart of change and development. As you will discover, flexibility is considered one of our most delectable assets… and as creativity is unrestrained, we’re always cooking up new concoctions for those who are tired of getting the usual results by doing the usual things – we’re interested in doing things differently, and getting exceptional results.

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