As an all-encompassing catchphrase for everything from diabetes to debt and obesity to stress, smoking, lifestyle, cholesterol and depression, ‘wellness’ has become, in our opinion, a rather troubled component of an organisation’s empoyee value proposition.

The premise behind such an offering – that healthy, happy employees = good business – makes simple sense, but the reality, which sees very low numbers of staff enrolling in wellness programs, is confusing and dispiriting for those in HR that drive these campaigns. Why the low take-up?

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Within the workplace, personal wellbeing is duly regarded as a private matter, which is why confidentiality and trust form an important part of any communication around the issue. Crafting interventions which stimulate audiences to take responsibility for their own wellbeing requires tact and sensitivity – and a clear identification of the payoff for doing so.

Our shows on these issues work because we understand what’s at stake for the individual within the organisation. Reformulating the value proposition around the wellness offering requires interventions that enable a paradigm shift – and this is why theatre is such a good fit, becasue it affects people emotionally and intellectually. Laughing in a show about HIV, for example, is a good way to shift understanding. And as something unexpected, it stays with an audience, driving messages home.

So that when the time comes that we need to access the support the workplace provides, we know exactly where to go.

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