Transformation is central to any healthy communication and learning diet, as we are always in a state of change and learning to harness what’s good about change is good for any business. But as the saying goes, change is pain…

The boys ready for hard labour

Transformation can be a word which, in the business sense, strikes fear into the heart of many South Africans, mired as we are in issues surrounding race, culture and gender. Competing political and economic agendas often confuse the issue further, leaving people feeling used, threatened, alienated or voiceless. How do we create inclusive, trusting diand innovative workspaces, places of mutual respect and understanding?

It may seem like an exotic menu item that nobody understands but is actually quite simple and flavoursome – working on transformation means that we need to work at an emotional level with our audiences, which is why we use forum theatre and playback techniques {see our Favourites page} to help design interactive workshops where participants get to learn about their own attitudes and beliefs before learning about others.

Transform your understanding of transformation… take a walk on the wild side of our Menu for Change, and become a part of something beautiful.

Our interventions are inclusive and non-judgemental, revealing a mirror of the working environmnent that audiences find useful as a lens in understanding their own and others viewpoints, stereotypes and perceptions.

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