Fraud may be difficult to confront in the workplace and is a particularly unsavoury aspect of all business. That’s why we treat this rather sensitive topic with messages that include practical considerations surrounding fraud from an employees persepective, as well as providing a clear picture of the consequences of fraudulent behaviour.

Gaetan on the phone with money

Gaetan is loaded

Over the years, we’ve done many successful interventions promoting the use of anonymous tipoff services in ways that really respect an audience, as an approach that is too brutal or forthright tends to cast employees in a negative light, as a mob of potential fraudsters instead of valuable members of a team!

Chef’s Recommendation: A full-length industrial theatre show allows you to empathise with a set of characters, and is a good way for people to  understand the conflicting loyalties at play. Alternatively, a mobile ambush theatre intervention affords you the chance of reaching all staff in the exact place where the fraudulent activity might take place… with lots of possibility for humour, even of the uncomfortable kind!

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