Change Management

Change is inevitable, and inevitably painful. Massive institutional anxiety around change can build up a head of steam which, if not dealt with sensitively, can cause real human casualties.

We support organisations and institutions facing change with an intervention which is bold and uncompromising, as well as sensitive and allows people to laugh at the absurdity of some of our deeply held attitudes. And that’s what we’re good at – not just understanding the factors driving change, and spelling them out clearly for an audience – but telling it like it is, mirroring how people in an organisation really feel about those factors: usually a mixture of resentment, fear, disgust and helplessness.

Our ambush theatre intervention lasts around fifteen minutes, and we’ve performed it to great effect for the V&A Waterfront after they were sold to a foreign consortium, for SABMiller when they changed their distribution channels, for the Special Investigating Unit when they changed the structure of their business. It takes the audience by surprise, confronting the issue directly and accurately, before using a team-based approach to find a rather novel solution.

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