Industrial Theatre

“We’re tired of posters and pamphlets and other drek.”

– Piet Pompies, Editor, The Grey Collar Digest

Tried and tested communication technology – but crafted especially for you – our fully customised shows interrogate topical workplace issues in a fresh way. Written, workshopped or adapted to your own specifications, these longer shows (typically 35 minutes) are filling and satisfying. Covering the full buffet of tricky workplace issues, from fraud to wellness, talent retention and performance to substance abuse, these shows are carefully prepared for diverse audiences, seasoned with laughter and served with a twist.

Laughter is the first rule - the way an audience is won

A benefit of the longer industrial theatre show is that it takes the audience on a journey, engaging people emotionally and intellectually. It’s a flexible and responsive medium, uniquely adaptable to the moment. Audiences typically feel motivated, educated and highly valued after our shows.

TakeAWAY’s brand of industrial theatre hits the funny bone from the moment the show starts – we’ve found that humour is the best way to connect with an audience. Soon therefter, we hold up a mirror to the audience, a simulacrum of their own working environment and portrayal of a challenge that people can really relate to. What’s great is that the audience are not complicit in the goings-on onstage – they can sit back, listen, judge, reason, declaim or otherwise, with the benefit of a live model in front of them. Recognition provides great learning opportunties.

We carefully cast each show, using performers whose skills will resonate with each particular audience. The shows always feature a diversity of culture, gender and language, and are as inclusive and representative as possible.  Audiences comprised of all levels in the organisation or workplace enjoy the same show at the same time – this is a valuable bonding experience, breaking down heierachies and building trust and opening up channels of communication.

Chef’s Notes:

Recognition and laughter are the first rules, the way an audience is won. Audiences must connect with what they see and hear onstage, they must immediately recognize themselves and their life situations.

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