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“Ja. It’s sometimes nice to just lean back and flip a switch and solve all your problems with a little click-click…”

Jo-Jo Fortuin, metal-detector operator on Clifton 3 (5.30-8am, Mon-Fri only)

Our special care and attention to detail manifest in these audiovisual treats, made with an unerring sense of quality and taste. Delicious looking, lip-smacking nourishment at the flick of an eye or button, TakeAway’s unique take on things means that our trademark sense of humour and storytelling craft find full expression in an array of portable media, such as film and DVD, print and design.

Served anywhere and made to last, as snacks or features, we have enjoyed working with Lucid Pictures (see on several campaigns. Probably the most enjoyable was a series of Westerns for favourite client Metropolitan, featuring two insurance brokers (Butch and Blackjack) who learn to change from a ‘shoot to kill’ mentality with regard to customers to something much more consultative and customer-centric.

We have colloborated with Strika Communications (who produce the SupaStrikas comic in the Sunday Times) to create a comic that accompanies an HIV treatment rollout for the City of Tshwane, and have designed interactive pdf documents as part of a web-based campaign for BoE Private Clients, where collagues filled out responses to create a snapshot of how the organisation felt about key workplace issues. We’ve installed washing lines and clothing to to provoke reactions to dirty laundry and fraud for the Department of Economic Development and have even used toothbrushes to instill new attitudes to smiling, laughter and communication for Shell!

Media are ways to connect – and connection is our mission. So whatever the challenge, we’ll use our expertise to selct the most appropriate. quickest and most cost-effective medium for the job. Lights, camera, action!

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