Ambush Theatre

“Like sex, theatre is not restricted to any particular kind of place.”

– Vasco Pajamas, Media Tycoon

Ambush theatre is a live communication medium made powerful by the element of surprise. These are short shows (5-7 minutes), featuring clever cuts of key communication issues that leave colleagues with fussy diets and small appetites begging for more.Attention-grabbing and cost-effective (as they are performed all over a branch, building, site, city or even a nation!), an ambush is a dynamic intervention that creates a space for humour, possibility and change – they literally transform the working environment.

Mimi pounces

Dealing with injury in the workplace

With countless ambush theatre interventions performed in a variety of working environments under our belts, we have a detailed sensitivity to the fact that the office or factory is not a theatre. Our performers are always escorted by an experienced production manager who has conducted one or more site visits and who details the precise time and place of performance for the least intrusion and most impact.

A massive benefit of an ambush is that people do not have to leave their desks to be reached… making this medium minimally disruptive, and also ensuring that colleagues who are fatigued or resistant to receiving new information (or information on a tricky subject) are brought into a community of listening, speaking and action.

Geographical dispersion and splintered business units can be overcome because actors are highly mobile. Deadline-driven working communities experience a welcome relief from the daily grind – some of the workspaces we’ve been in have been populated by people who have forgotten that they can laugh at work, and enjoy themselves. We love doing ambushes for this reason – it’s a blast!

Chef’s Notes:

Ill-conceived ambushes, insensitive to specific workplace cultures, alienate the people they are meant to appeal to. If you do order an ambush, be advised to keep it short. Carefully crafted Ambush Theatre is tremendously appetizing.

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