Choose any of our unique creations for your side-dish or main course: interactive theatre for presentations, conferences, workshops, roadshows, internal broadcast, launches, brand activation, special dinners, events, ceremonies and more…

Over time, we’ve learnt how to pair dishes with people and places – different forms of theatre that suit different working cultures and environments. Starting with industrial theatre shows and ambush theatre interventions in 2003, when we began our business, we now also work with some of South Africa’s most experienced drama therapists to offer next-generation ‘learning theatre experiences’, like playback and forum theatre.

Street Taxi Rehearals

Rehearsals take on a life of their own

Why we believe in theatre as a communication tool:

It’s live – you can’t ignore it, or switch it off. Theatre is in-your-face, commanding that most precious resource – attention.

It’s funny – when you laugh, your guard drops, and that’s when learning happens. We know that laughing, happy audiences remember the experience, and the message, for years. We treat our audiences like adults and enjoy playing with them…

It’s flexible – unlike other media, like print or film, we can change or include information by the minute, adapting each intervention for every audience.

It’s unique – living in the ‘attention economy’, with a world drowing in information and ‘infotigue’, theatre outstips most other media for attention.

It’s honest – face-to-face, there is no place to hide. This gives our medium integrity, commanding respect.

It’s magic – there is something astonishing about live performance, something rare and mesmerising. Our audiences experience it as a gift.

What makes a show in the workplace effective…

For many new partners and clients, theatre can appear risky and expensive. What if it doesn’t work? The answer to this question often lies in the things that happen around the show – information and support (is management present and visible? How discreet and competent are support services that relate to the challenge at hand, like anonymous fraud-lines or testing for HIV?)

MEC for Economic Development Alan Winde has his jacket 'taken away'

MEC for Economic Development Alan Winde has his jacket 'taken away'

Audiences are often present involuntarily – their resistance, anticipating being ‘told what to do’ yet again, is something that we respect and work with, if we are to get through and connect. This is why we always conduct site-visits and interview your colleagues for the story-behind-the story, in order to get as close as possible to a consensus presentation of the challenge or issue. Even though we are always working in concert with management, we take the audience’s side when it comes to the performance, film, poster or web campaign.

As for cost, we will provide you with a comprehensive proposal for every project, so that you can see exactly how your investment applies. Generally though, investment is allocated to pre-production (site-visits, consultations, creative, design and scripting, casting, rehearsals and direction), production (the show, transport and accommodation if necessary, filming, printing) and post-production (editing, evaluation, report-writing etc.)

Also on the menu – internal marketing, conference icebreakers, documentary theatre, client schmoozing, surveys, celebration events, boardroom demos, below-the-line marketing, brand and culture work, and product launches… no job is too big or too small…

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