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Emotional Agility for Leaders and Teams

It came as a surprise. She said yes. I was stunned. Really? Me? Why? Are you sure? Because of the […]

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Death Cafe and the 11th Hour

If it wasn’t for the 11th hour, nothing would ever get done. I mean, why do now what you can […]

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So, 2016 started with a whimper as we stared down the barrel of a recession, and is ending with a […]

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International Joke Day. And a very short story.

Once upon a time… a woman sat on a train in Cape Town, next to a total stranger, going home […]

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A quick little game to help you listen better, forever

Winter days. Quietness prevails. Then it rains, and the sun is gone for days. The world I live in is […]

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How to have a great Performance Management conversation

A great performance management conversation? Surely that’s some sort of joke?Nope. Nothing funny here. There is typically so much resistance […]

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Teambuild Screambuild

You’ve got a packet of mouldy carrots as your budget and your team needs boost.¬†Here are some ideas that won’t […]

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Rocking the Foundations

Now, you might be wondering… what exactly is being celebrated here, and by whom? Well, client confidentiality precludes that, I’m […]

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less power, more point

In Switzerland, the Anti- PowerPoint party is to contest the October parliamentary elections. According the Guardian newspaper, the party claims […]

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Louder Than Words

This man has just told a lie… Book here now on the KBT homepage, and see audience comments… For a […]

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