Emotional Agility for Leaders and Teams

Working with mentors to young women in Community Media Trust's Gifts program in Pietermaritzburg - we're doing a slow motion race - last person wins!

Working with mentors to young women in Community Media Trust’s Gifts program in Pietermaritzburg – we’re doing a slow motion race – last person wins!

It came as a surprise.

She said yes.

I was stunned.

Really? Me? Why? Are you sure?

Because of the great work we’ve done together, she said. Some of the best in my life, she even said. (And I agreed, even ‘though I was in a kind of deep inner blush at this point.) And so, TakeAway Interactive – our new venture – was born.

Working together, we’ve noticed that people are starved for human connection, and immensely grateful when they receive it. Some colleagues haven’t seen each other laugh before – stress and other distractions means they have almost ceased to become human to each other.

However, when people share things they see each other in different ways, and cannot fail to be changed. Take a quick look at our short flyer, explaining the unique things my colleague Heather Schiff and I do with applied theatre and improvisation to help people restore their own sense of dignity and purpose, rediscover hopes and ambitions, and re-ignite their self-belief and find community and support, both internally and externally. To become happier, healthier, more dynamic and resilient teams, that effect your bottom line.

We achieve this by using a carefully designed sequence of exercises and activities, including music, movement, games and other processes to yield embodied learning. No notes, no clunky manuals, just profound shifts in attitude, self-respect and teamwork, with massive enjoyment. It is rare, unique and essential, which is why it is so fulfilling.

Our next gig for Sanlam is on Emotional Agility for Leaders and Teams. Read about this unique workshop here. It’s work that makes us happy – like the ‘How to have a Great Performance Management Conversation‘ sessions we did for Woolworths Financial Services, the Employee Engagement Sessions we’re currently doing for Permoseal (that’s Bostick/Alcolin to you, and yep, they’re called ‘Bonding Sessions,’ how did you guess?)

Saying yes unleashes so many things, creates so many possibilities.

I thank my colleague for saying yes to me. Together, we recently taught MBA students at UCT’s Graduate School of Business how to say ‘yes, and’ – an improvisation principle – and discover what it achieves. What a blast we had! What a privilege.

Thanks for reading, until next time, all the best –


PPS: The Death Cafe is also thriving. Here’s all the info for our next (non-profit) event on 5 June. If you’re interested, check out www.deathcafe.com

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