So, 2016 started with a whimper as we stared down the barrel of a recession, and is ending with a bang, as Santa’s saggy Y-fronts loom into view. How’s yours been? There’s barely enough time left to go shoplifting for Christmas!

However, there IS time to book an DISINFECTION SESSION for World Aids Day or in fact, any other day, for your team or organization. A great way to end the year.

The undisputed highlight of my year (so far) has been working inside the I&J factory. This almighty gig is slowly coming to an end, after three months of workshops. Colleagues who’ve been working alongside each other for many years in a high-pressure environment feel increased respect (including self-respect) and a deeper understanding of each other, which makes them happier, more effective teams. This has been one of the most validating experiences of my career.

















Then, what about our show for Ackermans 100th Year Conference Celebration? The responsibility was huge. This is what their what their MD had to say the next morning:

Dear Sean

Well if you guys did a great job a few years ago at our Ops conferences , then the only way to describe yesterday was that you and your team ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT!!!!!

Thank you for all of the incredible research you did and the way you wove the story together was just brilliant. It set the tone for what was our best conference ever and you got high praise from Pieter Erasmus, our Group CEO.
Please pass on our huge thanks to the team.

Sean Cardinaal
Managing Director

It was a total pleasure! What a jol! If you feel like watching something silly, here’s a clip (you”ll need a password, which is Biscuit. Just until this time next week.)

Next time – TakeAway’s End of Year Awards: Best Client of the Year (both individual and organisation), Photograph of the Year, Worst Client of the Year, etecetera…

Thanks for reading.

All the best-


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