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You’ve got a packet of mouldy carrots as your budget and your team needs boost. Here are some ideas that won’t cost a cent (well, more than a cent.)

Instead of banging on about our differences, why not celebrate our similarities with a mass fancy dress? You could opt for a superhero theme (the world record is 547 Batmen by a Canadian insurance company)  – or you could go for something more Neanderthal, perhaps?

The great people of Greenpop host company planting days –  they use volunteers (you) to plant trees at hospitals, creches, schools and other places. As they put it, urban greening improves the economics of an area and socially uplifts a place. And you have fun doing it. They’ve already planted around 60 000.

You know Themba in Finance who can pole dance? And Germaine in Marketing who plays the electric tuba? How about getting them together? The rest of you can use Monty Python scripts to put on a warm-up act. You could call it something catchy like, “Internal Audit’s Got Talent” or “HR Idols.”

Visit For Good for something local and appropriate. For example: Help READ to RISE cover new story books in plastic with 20 volunteers for 1-4 hours for Grade 2 and 3 learners in Mitchells Plain. [But don’t worry, you do don’t actually have to go to Mitchell’s Plain, because] the event can take place in your office. It’s a fun, teambuilding session for a great cause! Number of people and sessions can be discussed.

Many elderly people are good at cards but some have failing eyesight which makes it easier to beat them. If anyone in your team needs this kind of boost, try getting hold of the admirable people at NOAH who invite you to assist by running craft, games & exercise groups at the homes they lease for elderly people to live in.

What’s YOUR treasure? No, not the skills, resources and attitudes that make your team great, that they need reminding of on an annual basis (we can do other teambuilds for that), but what is the art and design stuff that decorates your office? What’s it worth? And is it safe? Is there a catalogue for it, that your could design and publish? And then you could pretend to work as a guard in an art museum and sit in a chair next to it.

When did you last visit this wonderful sanctuary? Perennial streams and mature indigenous trees provide shade and hypnotic water sounds effects, an awesome backdrop for a picnic. You don’t even have to walk that far, and there’s plenty of secure parking. Even the smokers will survive, but please ask them to pick up their butts.

Yes, but whose garden? Once you’ve decided where, get your team to gather tools, bags, clippings from their own gardens, suncream, gloves, a ghettoblaster and flasks of lemonade. Then converge for a few hours and bring some greenery into someone’s life. Or you could support a community garden? Several in Cape Town are massively inspiring. This is a longer term project that has the potential to transform a community, or indeed, create one. There’s an abandoned bowling green at a nearby old age home that’s begging for this kind of action… You could get the pensioners pruning things in no time.

Help eradicate alien plants that threaten our biodiversity and limit water catchment, with scope for all sorts of skills and abilities, from chainsaw wielding to panga samurai action and wheelbarrow tossing. Use CapeNature to find a reserve in your area, or simply join up with your colleagues to get rid of the black wattle growing on the other side of the carpark.

Love animals more than humans? Then perhaps assisting at the SPCA is something for your team. Dogwalkers, kennel cleaners and poopscoopers welcome, and there’s often a need for a new bit of infrastructure too. You could also consider the excellent Emma Animal Rescue (Tears) or Darg.

The Friends of the Liesbeeck are a visionary bunch who have totally transformed the stretch of the river between the N2 highway and the River Club in Observatory, via urban landscaping and monthly cleanups of the river. It used to be a sprawling, overgrown hideout for Valkenberg escapees and ex-investment bankers, now its a beautiful community space. You can also make donations to the cause.


A quick straw poll at the watercooler will reveal that many of your colleagues haven’t ascended this natural wonder of the world. The ones that have will be eager to don their boots and headbuffs, so its a win win. Bank on 3-4 hours, and catch the cable car down, or just base-jump.

Thanks for reading!


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