Rocking the Foundations

Now, you might be wondering… what exactly is being celebrated here, and by whom? Well, client confidentiality precludes that, I’m afraid. Perhaps the bank that employed TakeAway to produce a Quiz Night (including a DJ, nogal) for their Induction Programme doesn’t want you to know how much fun their people have. Because people who work in banks are meant to be serious, aren’t they – I mean, it’s your cash they’re looking after.

Laughter and humour have always been integral to our work. In the workspace, it needs a place. Imagine a wild cackle coming from somewhere in the cube farm (that’s an office, and you are probably what we refer to as a meerkat – someone who stands up and peers over cubicle walls to check for prey/the boss). A disembodied laugh is disturbing, it betrays a lack of attention, a lack of focus – after all, laughter belongs to the madman.And as for dancing… I mean, really!

Years ago we did some comedy sessions for a petrochemical company, and someone said afterwards – “I’d forgotten I could laugh in this building.” The other day we did some comedy to launch something with another bank – the audience were practically weeing in their seats – and one chap said that he’d worked next to someone for seven years and never seen him smile – “But today I did. I saw him laugh.”

Laughter transforms us. It makes things possible between people.






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