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In Switzerland, the Anti- PowerPoint party is to contest the October parliamentary elections. According the Guardian newspaper, the party claims that “€350bn could be saved globally each year by ditching the scourge of public speaking, [and that] the software takes people away from their work and teaches them little.”

Ya, we know! Ppt. pretends to be kind, but is actually so, so cruel. It forces us to read – a dumbed down-version, always – and in doing so, treats us like idiots (is this why does the speaker often lacks all conviction in front of the screen?) It’s hard to listen and read at the same time – they call it cognitive overload. The Anti- PowerPoint Party recommends flipcharts. We recommend… TakeAwayTheatre!  Which has had a busy couple of months.

BoE Private ClientsGuiding Principles Series (GPS): A unique series of interventions that bring the business’s values to life, giving people a space to engage and debate what they mean. Exploiting the talents of a carefully selected assortment of world-class speakers over the next eighteen months – yesterday we enjoyed Lewis Pugh, aka ‘The Human Polar Bear’, on Pushing Beyond Boundaries. Amazing tales of how to achieve self-belief. Tied in with an online nomination for the GPS Award for people in the business who push beyond boundaries.

DB SchenkerDinner Theatre: Our favourite (hilarious) show, Body Language, all about non-verbal communication, scripted and performed in Port Elizabeth by Gaetan Schmidt for the MD’s guests, after she’d seen it in Slaapstad. 50 minutes. With an optional Handshake Workshop afterwards…  Chef’s recommendation: Christmas parties, anyone? We’re open for bookings...

Nedgroup Investments Induction Programme: Our third time running the induction programme, tailored to each group of inductees. The programme allows people to engage and connect around issues that affect them and the business, with an emphasis on fun, dialogue, movement and surprise, and creating a sense of common purpose. Plus grilled calamari tubes.  Chef’s recommendation: ban PowerPoint!

Nedgroup Investments  Teambuild: Besides the fantastic four-course meal we made together from scratch and enjoyed with an array of fantastic wines… – we did (some) work. Fruitful discussions for the marketing team included How do we stay sharp? What are our special ingredients? How do we best serve our clients? … and other matters culinary and corporate. A great way to come together and share. If you’re keen on a teambuild – we have other  very unique offeringsas well.

FOSKOR  – Industrial Theatre:  Our third year in a row at the plant in Richard’s Bay, doing theatre on the issue of sustainability and the environment. Using a storytelling approach, our show was about the popular son of a local chief, who brought prosperity to the village by plundering the local natural resources… until… Riveting stuff.

Old Mutual Transformation Project: Coming up in a few days time, we’ll be exploiting the talents of Nik Rabinowitz, one of SA’s best-loved comedians and longtime TakeAway collaborator to examine, explore, skewer and celebrate issues diverse and otherwise. Sure to get people talking, and bums on seats… Chef’s notes: Laughter in the workplace. What could be better?

CSIR  – Ambush Theatre: Our celebrated ‘live heart transplant’ eviscerated workplace gender issues and kept the audience in stitches for a Women’s Day event. Major interaction and madness in the operating theatre… Chef’s notes: This is the perfect short intervention for getting change management issues out in the open. We’ve done this gig for SAB, Johnson and Johnson, De Beers Marine, the Special Investigating Unit (SIU), and several goverenment departments. It’s good value, and a total jol.    

Department of Social Services, Northern Cape –  Radio Inserts: A groundbreaking series of locally produced interviews with farmworkers, ghetto dwellers, street children and others on their personal stories around substance abuse. To be played on a local radio station soon… 

Until next time – if you’ve read this far! – peace, respect and love…





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