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This man has just told a lie…

Book here now on the KBT homepage, and see audience comments… For a recent interview with Gaetan, listen here.

Gaetan Schmid’s show at the Kalk Bay Theatre is a short blast of physical storytelling that compels from start to finish. Playful and imaginative, with real warmth and off-the-cuff jokery, Body Language now has – courtesy of TakeAway Theatre – a dedicated workshop run by this master of interactive movement and gesture, along with humble co-facilitator, Sean O’Connor.

So if you don’t see it (hey, it’s a good night out) TakeAway will bring the show to your business or organisation, along with a terrific application that makes ultimate sense for the workplace: a workshop where non-verbal communication is scrutinised, turned inside-out, and reconfigured, with humour and understanding. (Yes and it’s naturally aligned to workplace objectives and values, and all that scorecard stuff.)

Body Language is rooted in the science of observation, in biology, in sociology and psychology, in the primal stuff that makes us human. You can even learn a technique to extract secrets, just by… well… that would be giving it away.

A little more about the show? Taking the moment of greeting as his starting point, Gaetan exploits a dizzy array of skills (mime, verbal pyrotechnics, physical comedy) to expose what we’re up to, the stuff that we communicate without even speaking. And there’s lots of it. Our bodies never shut up.

Gaetan’s premise is that better communication makes better communities. After watching an early version of the show, I also think that laughter creates better communities. A bonding experience for the audience: we all have unconscious gestures and behaviours, which here we see, gently dissected, vigorously re-animated, and and intelligently sequenced into a compelling spectacle, and a humane lesson. The climax is… well. You know what climaxes are like.

A perfect teambuild that advances communication and laughter. What more could you want?

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