The Benefits of Recession – FREE SPECIAL OFFER!!!

So now that we’re in recession’s full swing, and all as broke as a dirty pane of glass in Lower Woodstock, it’s time to take stock. But hang on – there is no stock! And there’s no budget for new stock! Oiks! Just how long will this thing last? And please, when can we get our budgets back?

So, The Squeeze is on. In fact, it’s showing right now in your living room – a gunslinging, mudslinging, foulmouthed Western saga about priorities and fighting the good, dirty fight. The losers are those selling dud bullets, fake hairnets, lame horses and poor advice. Those that get to stay in town offer good service, good value, a solid reputation and reliability. A recession sifts quality from the dross, which is a good thing. Trimming. Pruning. For vigorous growth later on.

Another benefit of recession derives from that old idiom – Necessity is the Mother of Invention (So who’s the father? Do we care? Perhaps Accident is the Father of Invention, or Serendipity, or Perseverance?) We’re all getting creative, thinking and manouvring, figuring how to make ends meet. Sure, for some, it’s back to basics now – tightening core business processes – but for others it’s also: what needs to happen next? Deep listening.

For some years, takeAWAY has diversified organically…. into film, web, print, radio, public performance and information design, covering a multitude of topics. Perhaps its time to refocus on our core business – using theatre to engage people in the change process? Perhaps not – corporates just need a little persuasion and experience in order to abandon their starting perception of workplace theatre interventions as superfluous, unsustainable, expensive. Our business seems not to be recession-friendly. But we will stick to our guns – because workplaces where people connect and engage, communicate and listen, are workplaces that will survive, and ultimately thrive.

Unlike any other learning or communication media, theatre activates the living imagination, as we move our own bodies, find our own voices. Dispensing with actors (it’s the economy, stupid), we work directly with your people, exploiting interactive theatre technologies like forum theatre, playback and improvisation – to problem-find and problem-solve, test behaviours, form relationships, practice new ways of thinking and doing.It’s exciting, effective and a breath of fresh air.

And that’s where our free special offer comes in: The first THREE respondents to this blog will each get a free 1-hour TakeAWAY PlayShop WorkOut – a fun, interactive, profound, mindshifting teambuild/engagement session for your business. Terms and Conditions apply…

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