Fear Not!

Hello friends! Greetings of 2011 to you… a year that is widely predicted to be ‘worse than 2010.’ Yay!!!

After the hiatus, it’s hard enough to find the keys, never mind starting the engine. Here is a quick sample of some stuff we did in December, with TakeAway producing live learning encounters for Nedgroup Investments, De Beers Marine, Environ Skincare and the City of Cape Town. (Plus some other stuff.) So fear not! Help is at hand. 2011 need not be so bad! For a chat or just to talk about some some new and exciting ways to nail your objectives in their moer this year, give us a call.


What nice clients! This show – for Aids Day – was perhaps the biggest jol of the year. In a small factory crammed mostly with giggling females, our cross-dressing domestic workers – Thando “Surname” Doni and yours truly cracked the hilarity barrier when the g-strings started being draped over a very sporting MD. Despite (or because of) the whoops and hollers, we still managed to gain a poignant silence when hitting the hard notes on an issue which defines our times. Especially satisfying to thrill a nervy client who hadn’t used us before, on a last-minute gig. Smoooooooth!


A high-point as we used some next-generation interaction and listening-led conversation to connect with a great bunch of people. Briefed to engage people in new and dynamic ways, connecting them with a sense of purpose and ownership, we used tai chi, breathing exercises, old-fashioned games with no particular purpose except laughter, improvisation, group body-sculpting and lots of chocalates in an invigorating discussion of brands and branding. An extremely well-received encounter – except for one individual! Ha! She knows who she is…

DE BEERS MARINE: Transformation Workshop and Show

Teaming with our gifted friends from the Bonfire Theatre Company, we designed a mind-and heart-moving experience for around 80 employees. Facilitated by drama therapist, performer, psychologist and all-round nice person Heather Schiff, the workshop aroused much laughter as well as profound discovery and learning. The Bonfire show after the 1-hr workshop yielded some of the most affecting testimonies of growing up in this complex and incredible country I have ever heard. A bonding experience if there ever was one.

CITY OF CAPE TOWN: Ambush Theatre

Contracted by leading sustainability consultants Icologie, we performed an out-the-box show about energy, information and agency to an audience of over 500 City of Cape Town officials.  Using the power of the surprise, our audience were spared nothing: breast augmentation, espionage, shock and horror, tenderness and hope… as well as a healthy shot in the arm for the City’s sustainable energy plan – the best in the country by a country mile. (OK so there wasn’t much breast augmentation shock and horror.)

Watch this space – and until next time – wishing you a great start to your year.

Sean and the TakeAway team.

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