International FAS Day

TakeAway Theatre has been creating groundbreaking community theatre with South Africa’s leading Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)-related research and training organisation, the Foundation for Alcohol-Related Research (FARR), for the past four years. The relationship has been profound and rewarding, and our journey in partnership continues to grow with recent shows in George, Aurora and Piketberg in the past few weeks. The show is followed by a workshop facilitated by the performers where audience members roleplay alternatives to some of the challenges presented. (BTW, next year we are going to TOTALLY revolutionise the concept of community health information and support with a travelling intervention…. so watch this space – and for more on our past achievements, please go here.)

International FAS Day – 9am on the 9th day of the 9th month – saw us teaming up with the Western Cape FAS Task Team this year, at Mary Harding School in Athlone. Learners lined Klipfontein Road with banners raising awareness of the syndrome, which is the world’s most common preventable birth defect – and which South Africa are world champions at. Yip. We’re a nation of boozers and brain-cell bashers, drunkards and downbeats. In sunny SA, alcohol measures success. Which is fine and good, as long as you’re not pregnant. Or driving. Or performing surgery. Or playing sport. Except darts. And fishing. Maybe.

But back to the story. Our show, Die Liefdeskind, now approaching 350 – mostly free – performances with the original cast put together four years ago, was as funny and moving as ever, with great nuance provided by Joseph Martins, Andiswa Makai and Mimi Mabona. We are really proud of this show – our longest running – and humbled by the wonderful people that we get to meet when performing. Thanks to Sophia Warner of the Pebbles Project, Yumna Martin, Liz Pegram and Leana Olivier of FARR, the Mary Harding School and everyone who came and supported the event.

See you at exactly the same time next year…

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