Embodying Change with BoE Private Clients

We recently created a series of workshops for BoE Private Clients, where improvisation and other theatre technologies were exploited in order to create new ways for people to engage and connect, and discover some fresh perspective on their change process.

Working with our associates nationwide, we designed a session that would be rolled out in different centres – consistently, and keeping travel costs to a minimum. So, after a very “head-orientated” morning, with delegates discussing vision, strategy, values and other tasty things, we instructed invited them to take off their shoes and get comfortable…

In an overwhelmingly results-based working environment, it presented a real challenge for most people to ‘let go’, moving into a space of little or no control. Resistance – fear, nervousness, anxiety – became very apparent – as some people felt that they ‘couldn’t be creative’ and that they would be  ‘wrong’ somehow… Then we started moving, and within minutes everyone was laughing, and it was all downhill from there… Finally, pretty much everyone was grinning from ear to ear and extremely grateful to do something human, dynamic, creative and spontaneous, where delegates were able to reflect on their feelings, and create possibilities for change.

One of the things that came home to me powerfully in the sessions was the value of resistance – as something to be respected and worked with. Without it, there is no journey.

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