Pssssst! New stuff for Necsa

Commissioned by digital marketing gurus Gloo Design to conceive and produce a short interactive film for the new visitor centre at South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) near Pelindaba, TakeAwayTheatre got in touch with favourite filmaker Luke Younge of Lucid Pictures who brought animation maestro Michael Clark to the team… OK – so the credits are only supposed to come later but what the hey!

With an ‘attractor loop’ featuring the performer, Celia Ncalane from Artists1, whispering to passersby in the visitor centre, the short video is then triggered by motion sensors and plays from a mock-up doorframe between exhibits.

Working on a tight budget and with a brief to develop interest amongst younger visitors in a career in nuclear science, we used the theme of ‘magic‘ to describe the sub-atomic world, playing to the idea of infinite possibility both within the nuclear realm and within a career in the industry.

Michael’s animation was the magic element … So have a look. Tell us what you think…

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