Futbol Madness with BoE Private Clients

Longtime partners BoE Private Clients worked with TakeAway Theatre to exploit opportunities presented by the FIFA World Cup 2010 – entrenching and extending a deeply felt commitment to values identified by staff as most important to them, such recognition, trust, and a sense of belonging. The integrated campaign designed by TakeAway, supported by the marketing and HR teams, was used to foster a deep sense of connection and spirit (i.e. FUN), engaging with people in a way that respected their desire to be a part of the biggest event ever to hit South Africa (OK – except for the 1994 elections perhaps). Check out the skills of Mzu Madela in Cape Town!

Simultaneous launch events in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban saw teams of freestyle footballers, refs and linesmen ambush the workplace, interacting with staff and handing out invitations to matches, in the shape of dedicated tickets, that functioned as competition entry forms.

Here we see Keeno-Lee Hector ‘hectoring’ a few of the locals in between some more futbol wizardry, and handing out some of the cherished entry forms…

Staff were encouraged to watch matches at work, and all staff in smaller centres were couriered fan packs sourced and designed by TakeAway, containing vuvuzelas, crazy glasses and wigs, facepaint, soccer balls and other paraphernalia. These went down a treat – and, in the month of futbol madness, we all felt that deep sense of belonging that makes the heart of any community beat a little faster, and more proudly.

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