Having a Vow Moment!

The merger of two independent business units into a single new entity presented a good test for our interpretative and creative abilities recently.

How could we produce a once-off intervention that would celebrate the merger announcement – made just prior to the event (yes,that’s right!) – while incorporating and respecting resistance, and acknowledging the insecurities and potential difficulties ahead?

Contracted by Fresh Consulting, whom we have partnered with to great effect many times before, we spent some time throwing ideas around until we hit on the perfect one… a merger is like a marriage, right? Perhaps an arranged one…

So we engineered a real ‘vow moment’, and workshopped our script around the needs and expectations of each partner, endowing volunteers in the audience as bride and groom.

Petals were flung at the beautiful couple, a garter was thrown, and love was sown…

Most weddings are a lot of fun and this one was no exception. We left feeling proud of the happiness and laughter we managed to inspire at a key moment in the company’s evolution. The powerful imagery of the wedding and the transparent acknowledgement of the potential difficulties involved were combined into a truly interactive experience, which we know will endure as a rather special and unique tool with which to understand fear and doubt, and see expectations and opportunities in perspective.

I especially liked kissing the bride…!

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