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When people enjoy things, their attitude shifts. They feel recognised and inspired, and a connection with each other – a sense of common purpose. Good live interventions – well researched and brilliantly produced – get people’s attention, because they’re human, real and funny.

CLICK on the cups above, scroll right down or click into our blogs on the left to see… Industrial and ambush theatre, as well as totally unique and interactive workplace learning experiences, plus film, print and digital.

We create learning experiences that linger on the mindbuds of taste forever, exploiting a variety of unique education and communication media to suit your style, your needs and your budget, wherever you are. We’ll learn about your tastes and appetite before crafting a menu for change that integrates into a feast for the mind and senses.

Using only the finest, freshest ingredients – top performers and musicians, witty writers, sensuous singers, razor-sharp comedians, intuitive facilitators, gifted editors and film people – everything we do is halaal, kosher, fat-free and bio-dynamic.

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